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The registration of copyrights gives creators, authors, and producers of original works the right to own and control them. It stops other people from using their work and intellectual property without their permission. It also keeps these works from being copied, stolen, or shared. If you've put your ideas to use, you wouldn't want other people to use them without your permission.

So, the right to copyright is important for protecting your intellectual property, whether it's written or drawn art, music, software, or a documentary. When you send in your copyright registration, you make it official that you own the work and protect your future rights, such as if someone or something breaks your copyright or uses it without your permission..

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Copyright Certificates DeliveredWe have helped over 2 Million creative artists file for copyright successfully.


Artists Consulted We have offered expert consultancy regarding Copyright infringement to content creators Worldwide.


Success Rate Our USCO Copyright Filing Service has maintained a flawless success Rate.


Cease & Desist Letters We have instantlyProtected the works of our clients withFormal documentation.

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Fill out our simple form in just a few minutes to start the online Copyright Registration process. Your Copyright application will be made by a group of professionals on our team. Your application will be sent electronically to the U.S. Copyright Office, so you don't have to worry about a lot of paper work. Last, the U.S. Copyright Office will send you a copy of your Copyright certificate by mail.


Protect your brand and make sure that no one tries to copy it

At Trademark For Name, we make it easy for you to file for copyright.

Let us take care of the tiresome process of organizing and filing your copyright application.

By registering your copyright, you can make it easier to sue companies that commit violations.

Registration with the USCO through Trademark For Name will guarantee the protection of your works in most countries worldwide


Here is the list of works that
Copyright mainly protects!

  • Company Names
  • Literary Works
  • Photographs
  • Acoustic or Sound Recordings
  • Melodious Work or Lyrics
  • Songs Records/Tracks
  • Websites
  • Maps
  • Motion Pictures
  • TV set Shows
  • Scripts/Screenplays/Dialogues
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Technical Drawings
  • Visual Arts/Graphic Arts
  • Software and Programs
  • Artistic Masterpieces


Copyrights Registration Packages


$ 99+ Federal filing fees

  • DetailedPreparation

    of your federal copyright application including a review by the copyright team for accuracy, completeness and common mistakes.

  • Federal E-Filing

    Electronic filing of your application with the USPTO with no need to wait for mail or dealing with paper files.

  • Certificate of Registration

    that will be mailed to you directly from the U.S. Copyright Office.

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Rushing Priority for Copyright in as Low as $99

*Our experts will start working on your Professional Copyright application right away. It will be sent to the U.S. Copyright Office for registration. We'll put your filing on the priority list, but that doesn't mean the U.S. Copyright Office will act on it or respond quickly.


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