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Amazon Brand RegistrationWe have assisted over 5 million clients Register their brands with Amazon.


Product ListingsOver 5 million of our clients product listings Have been secured with Amazon’s tools.


Sales GrowthAll of our clients have seen a dramaticIncrease in their sales with Amazon’sServices.


Satisfied ClientsAre happy with the advertising templates That Amazon offers.



With the content creation feature, brand owners can make and change the descriptions of their products to attract as many potential buyers as possible. It forces you to use your brand and products to talk to people in different ways. You can also add pictures to your products to make them stand out.

Sponsored Brands

Support the existence of your brand by running ads that include your logo and a few catchy taglines.

Amazon Stores

Get a chance to own a multi-page store that is too free of cost to market your brand on a large scale.

Amazon Brand Stats

Using our powerful search tools and an easy, guided method, you can keep track of and report suspicious violations.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Use the powerful information as much as possible to make smart decisions. Collect more and more detailed information about your clients, their cash flows, and their buying habits.



Our experts know how to apply your brand with Amazon which completely spreads the word about your products or services to the audience.

Precise Entries

It is important to manage your product list correctly so that you can give your customers the right information.

Pre-emptive Brand Protection

Our automated protections use information about your brand to protect it and quickly remove any content that might be infringing or not valid.

To keep your brand safe, do your best to get rid of any content that breaks the law or isn't important. Use steps that will help your brand get out there and stay safe.

Utilize our effective search tools with a stress-free, guided method to keep a track record of the suspicious infringements you observe regarding your brand.

Amazon Search Tools

Using our powerful search tools and an easy, guided method, you can keep track of and report suspicious violations.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Use the powerful information as much as possible to make smart decisions. Collect more and more detailed information about your clients, their cash flows, and their buying habits.



We have successfully protected the brand names of numerous business entities nationally and internationally. Our primary focus has always been on consistent enhancements in our skills and services.


Before they get promoted on the corporate market, suspicious accounts and almost 6 billion bad listings have been reported and blocked.


After Amazon's brand registry service, brands find and report 99% fewer suspected violations on average.


Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help and respond to our valued customers and deal with complaints about possible violations.

Read our Progress Report to learn more about the work we are doing to protect brands and customers.

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Amazon Brand Registry Packages


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  • Additional and Free Advertising Tool Bundles Application, Filing, and Preparation for E-Selling Cross-Checked by Top Agent
  • Internet-Based Retailing System Use Example Reports, Digital Files, and Documents Are Being Monitored.
  • Agent of Distinction for Outstanding Case
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Advantages of amazon brand registration

Protection of Product Listings Against Rival Brands

If you register your brand on Amazon, your competitors won't be able to use your product listings without your permission. If someone tries to steal your listings without your permission, our team of experts will find them and tell Amazon right away. They won't get anything out of your listings, not even money.

With Amazon's new features, sales go up by a factor of ten.

Registered brands on Amazon have access to a wide range of tools, such as search, reporting, and management. Once you've registered your Amazon brand, you can use it to boost sales for your business. We promise that the Amazon registry process will be quick and easy for everyone we work with.

Access to Resources and Models for advertising

All advertising tools and models are available to brands that are registered with Amazon. This will give you an edge by putting you in the Amazon search results, which can increase your chances of making a sale by 200%.

Improve how the Amazon Brand Store works

Even though Amazon's multi-page store is a paid service, registered brands can use it for free. It will be easier for you to make stores that are better organized and look nicer. Each of them will have its own brand analytics and insights to help them do better.

Brand sponsorship is easy to get.

Registered brands can use their logo, headlines, and three images of their products to reach more people and make their brand more well-known.

There are perks for new sellers on Amazon

Amazon has a number of awards, bonuses, and price breaks on advertising and other costs to encourage the promotion of registered brands. Once your Amazon Brand Registry is done, you can use the money you saved to spend less.

Eligibility Criteria:

Trademarks can only be based on text or text plus an image (Only Image Based Trademarks are not Acceptable)

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements:

  • You need to register your trademark in the country where you want to enrol. If your trademark is in the United States, you should register it with the USPTO.

If you qualify, we might need the following to let you apply:

  • Brand name of the trademark that is in use
  • Serial Number of the Working Trademark Product Categories of the Trademark List of Countries Where the Trademark is Registered



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